Ninfa Laurenzo was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the Mexican restaurant industry in Texas.  Her tacos al carbon became famous and she became known as Houston's beloved, "Mama Ninfa."  Thanks to her values and commitment to giving back to society, she dedicated her life to helping and supporting the advancement of community, especially in Houston's East End

Honoring her legacy of good deeds, The Ninfa Laurenzo Scholarship Fund (TNLSF) was created in 2017 to raise funds for education.  Mama Ninfa believed that education was the basis for all development and change.


Our Mission

Dedicated to helping students with limited economic resources to become forces of change in our community by providing financial support for education opportunities.


Core Values


Quality Education

TNLSF believes the biggest gift to humanity is to give every person access to a quality education, so they can build a stronger and better future for our community.



TNLSF works honestly and caringly, for the greater good of the community.



TNLSF achieves greater results with community involvement than it would achieve alone. Together we are better! 


Ninfa Laurenzo community believes in…

Inspiration & instruction

Nurturing environment

Focus on learning

Accepting challenges