Scholarship Rules and Guidelines


Purpose: The purpose of The Ninfa Laurenzo Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to students planning to attend an accredited college, university, Catholic high school or other institution of higher learning.

Applications for The Ninfa Laurenzo Scholarship should be directed to:

The Ninfa Laurenzo Scholarship Fund (TNLSF)

1923 Washington Ave.

Suite 2027

Houston, Texas 77007

Applications available at:

Inquiries at:



Scholarship Application Information:

I. Scholarship awards

          A. The Ninfa Laurenzo Scholarship will be awarded annually.

          B. Scholarship awards will be made on or before May 1, 2020. The Scholarship award year shall be   

defined as June 1, 2020 to June 1, 2021.

          C. Each award will range from $5,000 to $10,000 per award year.

          D. The number of scholarships awarded will vary from year to year.

          E. Scholarship recipients will be notified by phone and email of their award.

          F. A scholarship recipient shall receive a maximum of one (1) scholarship per award year.

          G. A scholarship recipient shall be eligible to receive a maximum of four (4) scholarships awards providing that the applicant maintains a minimum academic performance of a B grade (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) and applies for a renewal.

II. Scholarship application process

          A. All applications and supporting materials must be mailed to the TNLSF office and postmarked  no later than March 23rd prior to the scholarship award year. All applications and supporting                   materials will become the property of TNLSF.

          B. Scholarship applications and supporting materials received in the TNLSF office postmarked after March 23rd for any award year shall be returned to the applicant.

          C. Application and supporting material shall include:

                     i. A completed Ninfa Laurenzo Scholarship application form.

                     ii. A copy of the school transcript and grade report from the school currently or most recently attended. The school transcript should list all grade points earned and academic  course work completed to date.

                     iii. A copy of the certificate of attendance/enrollment.

                     iv. One of the following:

                                a. A copy of the most recent tax return, statement of monthly income and number of persons living in household or

                                b. Complete the FAFSA

                     v. One (1) essay of 700 words or less prepared by the applicant which addresses the essay prompt.

          D. All applicants (both new and renewal applicants) submitting a scholarship application and supporting materials are required to satisfy all application process requirements.

          E. All renewal applicants will be notified by email of the renewal application deadline.

III. Educational institution classifications

          A. Eligible institutions include:

                     i. Any public or private four (4) year accredited college or university.

                     ii. Any public or private two (2) year accredited college.

                     iii. Any public or private accredited Vocational-Technical College.

                     iv. Any training institution or 

                     v. Any Catholic high school

IV. Scholarship award disbursement

         A. Scholarship award money shall be deposited with the university, college, Catholic high school or institution of higher learning to which the student is admitted, accepted and will attend.

         B. The award money is credited to an account in the individual’s name to be drawn upon for:

                   i. Fees or charges required for tuition.

                   ii. Fees or charges for room and board while attending school.

                   iii. Expenses for text books, course work, lab fess and other materials as required by a course instructor (e.g.: goggles, art/drawing supplies, glass slides, etc.) for required  course assignments or projects.

         C. Scholarship awards are not transferable to another individual or institution and are forfeited by the recipient upon:

                  i. Withdrawal from the institution where the scholarship award was disbursed by the TNLSF.

                  ii. Failure to meet the institution’s appropriate standards of academic achievement, conduct, or character.

                  iii. Failure to meet the criteria for which the scholarship was awarded.

          D. In the case of board-certified medical physician’s diagnosis of a chronic or acute illness or traumatic injury which intervenes in the ability or eligibility of a scholarship recipient to enter or continue academic studies at the university, college, Catholic high school or institute of higher   learning, the payment of the scholarship monies may be suspended for a period of twelve (12)  months.

          E. In the event a scholarship recipient’s educational endeavors are interrupted during the period of the scholarship award year as a result of being called to active duty under Title 10 of the United States Code or National Guard duty in-state status, the scholarship award money shall be held by the TNLSF for a period of not more than twenty-four (24) months, unless the time for active duty is extended by military authority.

 i. Any scholarship award recipient leaving the U.S. Armed Services or National Guard duty must reapply for reinstatement of the scholarship monies or the remaining portion of the scholarship monies within ninety (90) days after severance from duty.

V. Scholarship selections criteria

           A. The primary selection criteria for The Ninfa Laurenzo Scholarship is the demonstration of academic merit and financial need by the applicant.

           B. Academic performance of a B grade (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) is required for all scholarship  recipients and will be calculated as follows:

                  i. High school grades will be considered for new college entrants.

                  ii. Cumulative college grade point average and academic performance will be considered for current college applicants.

                  iii. Grade point average will be considered for applicants to a Catholic high school.

           C. The applicant’s essay, typed and double spaced.

           D. Renewal applications will be given first consideration for awards before new applications.

The Ninfa Laurenzo Scholarship Fund is a 501C3 organization

                      1923 Washington Ave. Suite 2027 Houston, TX 77007


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